Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On Awakening this April morning

Outside the sky looks stormy, and snow has returned to our mountains.  Early spring, a time of frequent changes, new beginnings sometimes glorious and light, sometimes more cloudy, and the way really unknown.  This week my OLLI classes begin anew.  Today I hope to enjoy a new venture into tai chi, this form utterly new to me.  My intention  is to  be attentive and disciplined, to be  encouraged by the instructor and presence of others, and to hopefully carry with me lessons I need right now, too long neglected, to give strength and agility to my body and soul.  
    Yes, I love being in the water where it is so much easier to move, to flow, to socialize if we so choose, too.  But  I choose Tai Chi this time,  not a dance class, which I know would also be a challenge.  This will be a new adventure.   Maybe I can share what I learn with friends,  as well!
     I chose to drop the 9 am class in  Conscious Aging,  and instead take Anything Goes, where I shall listen to other writers, and  share some of what moves me as well.  Tonight is my last memoir class; I will say open  to finding ways to share what I  write in this arena, and find resources within and from others to let my book unfold.  Already the Magdalene Path calls to me, to create some sacred time each day, especially in the morning and evening, to honor my own self-care choices.  I need to honor the goddess within, beginning with more deliberate intention to find her voice, and she needs  encouragement!
     My third class will be about exotic travels to places I am not likely to go in person.  But I do love travel, so doing so vicariously shall give me joy and food for thought, too.   Annette leads this class, and I very much enjoy her enthusiasm for theatre, for travel, for exploring our inner landscapes too.
     So I ask for  assistance from my own spirit guides to stand by me, encourage and correct me, share their wisdom and light when I  waver in my faith and experience doubts.  And I treasure friends who respect the Carol moving into her Crone years, still playful, but honoring a pace that will ground and center her.  That's it for now....may this be a time for greater consciousness for us all, for finding our niches in community where we matter, and can  contribute to making changes that sorely need to happen so the power of love, laughter, and integrity matter more than  the old domination model, power that erodes the rights of so many folks and undermines a healthy future for our planet.
     It's a time for awakening to more sane ways of living and of dying, too.

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