Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tribute to a Wonderful Man

A kind and playful man was Dave, even in his senior years
He so loved this church and being a vital member of the choir here
  along with singing with so many other groups as well, entertaining & uplifting us all
He and Toby have shared a long, special partnership
Being there for one another, In illness as well as in health

We shall miss his boisterous smile and deep abiding faith
That has comforted so many, when he sang, or gave us a helping hand
    when we were moving, and sure needed a man to give us physical as well as moral support

I weep, for we have indeed lost a noble soul, now at rest, free from his earthly travails
May he look down on us all as we celebrate his life
Forever grateful for Dave Deller's gracious life of service and steadfast friendship.
He was a man we could count on, and he sure had a big heart!

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