Saturday, March 21, 2015


Poetry allows the heart to soar, to see each day anew.  Spring Equinox marks the ending of winter, and transition  into a brighter season.  The daffodils return each year, and now the forsythia is also in full bloom.  I enjoy reflective readings in the morning, while I am still emerging from sleep.  Today I turned to a long-lost booklet by Stephen Covey, First Things First Every Day.  I like this one.  "It's important to be deeply honest and self-aware, to connect with conscience, to use independent will and creative imagination to consider possibilities and commit to positive change."
   I am learning that letting my caregivers have a holiday (it is now spring break here, despite  the dreary sky outside) means I can be resourceful on my own, and welcome support from others, too.  If an activity sounds like too much, I can say , no, thanks.  The fact is, we are often better together than alone, so our good company may be music, a friend, being part of fellowship  (today there is a workshop for singing, playing, making choices about the direction of my Unitarian Fellowship), a student massage, honoring my body's need for down-time.  I can choose to spend 15 minutes learning clutter, as this is an on-going one for me.  I can take some time to explore a new neighborhood instead of focusing on where I feel overwhelm.  Self-acceptance is critical to making wiser decisions.
  Here is hoping you have some pleasant surprises this new day too.  Here is a brief poem from my heart to yours.   "Love allows us to be more present, open, and trusting we are worthy of miracles.
Love lets us move on when it is time to do so.  Love is a mystery, an unfolding to the wonder of this our precious life.   Adieu!"

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