Friday, September 7, 2012

Autumn is a Special Time for Letting Go

As the days grow shorter, the nights longer, it is good to celebrate this season of letting go by making changes that make our living area more inviting, more comfortable for the season when we often do spend more time indoors.  Consider beginning the day with a resolution to let go of five things in your home that are taking up space.

It’s a good practice, letting go, trusting more, not hanging on so tightly.  To keep the task manageable, focus on one area where you would like more clarity, less clutter, and dedicate 15-30 minutes getting rid of what you no longer want or need, having a container to get it out of the living area, and saying “good-bye, it is time to let you go.”  When it comes to clutter, persistence, determination, and honoring your pace all matter.  Welcoming help can speed up the process too, especially if you have the collaboration of a non-judgmental friend.

Why do we have difficulty letting go our stuff?  For me, there is comfort in being surrounded by the familiar, even when it is too much.  Do we trust the Universe will provide new possibilities if we let go? I have a friend who learned to have a place for everything, and if she needs something new, then it doesn’t enter her home unless something goes out.  Many of us didn’t grow up with this discipline that keeps down the clutter.
We do have to face our habits that undermine letting go.  I work better with a potential reward, like a walk in nature, watching a movie with a friend, or a special healthy snack for my efforts.  It often taken decades to accumulate stuff, so be realistic.  It won’t just disappear unless you have a house fire, so it has to become a priority to down-size.  It takes time, but like losing unwanted weight, it can be done.  If you have been hanging on to something thinking your kids or grandchildren will want it, go ahead and ask them if they want it now (or later)! In reality, it is easier to part with your things if you know a family member will want and appreciate it.

Just as the season requires us to slow down, change some priorities to prepare for winter, there are real benefits to having a more organized and clutter free home.
More spaciousness is usually more relaxing, easier on the eyes and it is easier to find what you are looking for if it is organized.  Just as yards look better without weeds, tools left out, leaves in compost area or bagged, so too, the inside of our homes is more inviting when we clear out the old.  So best wishes this fall on creating space not by expanding, but by letting go!

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