Sunday, July 29, 2012


My friend and I drive to the coast for two nights at Harris Beach
Slowing down, settling in to a precious day with nothing scheduled
We take  time to savor the sunshine, the brisk breeze, a simple breakfast on our picnic table-fresh cantaloupe, granola, warm tea or coffee, a chance to share meals and be outdoors with a friend.  No bugs, no sizzling heat.
A bunny hops by, eyeing us cautiously.

While Dorothy naps, I read a bit, and enjoy people-gazing: the neighboring camper playing his guitar, enjoying a game of hacky-sack with his sons. An older couple walk by with their 3 month old Chihuahua and a 3 year old Pekingese, not so keen on the youngster dog.
A woman clad in purple jogs by with her backpack, more ambitious than most.
Two exuberant black kids with glistening bodies and wet towels return from their adventures at the beach, likely playing in the cool ocean waters.
Youngsters with parents in tow bicycle by, enjoying this chance to  bike the local trails in this lovely state park, far from the street dangers back home.

That is what vacations are all about.  Taking in new sights, smells, food, breaking from familiar routines to explore in new settings.  We grumble a bit at all the work it takes to get ourselves here, but it is well worth the preparations.
Slowing down, being more present, less distracted by any should do-list, we say yes to life and its beautiful moments, in this special ocean-side setting.  Gratitude makes  everything better!

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