Wednesday, July 4, 2012


In our essence, we are all divine beings, full of vibrant love in whom all things we choose to focus on, give our full attention, shall in time, manifest.
     When we choose to feel lucky, healthy, strong, articulate, connected, joyful, capable of attracting what we want, we are living in the faith that we are divine beings, and our actions reflect the generosity, the warmth, the compassion and the openness of the God-spirit that dwells within each one of us.
      Whenever a fearful, sad, or discouraging thought enters our heads, we can choose to stop, push delete, and refocus our attention on  healthier choices.
We can play the "what if" game to our advantage, and allow ourselves to feel better by imagining what we want is already unfolding.  If we face an obstacle, we can recall memories where we've overcome or circumnavigated obstacles in our past.  We can imagine, "what if every cell in my body is capable of wondrous healing, of removing toxic material or thoughts?"  What if I am part of a Divine plan to collaborate with other caring, open-minded folks to bring more light, more wisdom into this world, helping restore and preserve this precious planet?
       What if this isn't just the dangerous world we see portrayed so frequently on the news, but an ever-changing world that is meant to support a more sustainable, harmonious,  and peaceful environment for all creatures?  What if life is an adventure, with challenges, yes, and we do have support if we choose to be open to receiving  it in whatever forms it shows up?
      You are divine, part of the mystery we call God or Great Spirit.  I am part of this marvelous force, too.  We are part of this wheel of life, and with meditation, attention, faith, and collaboration, we are giving birth to a new world ordered not by the dictates of harsh rules and governing institutions out of touch with our basic needs, but by a growing consciousness that is unfolding across this planet.  It is an awareness that we are the peacemakers, the shape-shifters learning to create a viable, just, and amazing new world, governed by love that flows from our core, dispelling hate, doubt, fear, ignorance as it floods this land like the morning sun returning lightness to each new day.  May you be happy.  May you be at peace. May we all be open to celebrating the new life, new freedom, new possibilities we are helping to create.  Blessings to all creatures, large and small!
   July 4, 2012

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