Wednesday, June 27, 2012


iWith no word of good-bye, you chose to die, my friend.  We shared simple joys of living, often without many words.  For you, having Parkinson's felt more like a curse to endure than a disease to somehow befriend, and be open to healing modalities outside Western medicine.  We rarely spoke of it, but as you felt your mind slippage away, your body so often in pain, and mounting frustration as you became more disconnected from your strengths, it must have been disheartening, leaving your home, being with strangers where you needed to adjust to the schedules of a new place.  I weep now, realizing I had no idea you had internally decided life was too much.  So we never said good-bye, even on the phone.

  I want you to know you were a real gentleman, always kind, grateful to have my company for plays, walks in a park, shared meals.  I shall not forget you, and hope you afre now at peace in a way that was not possible when so many shoulds, so many regrets from your past madae it hard for you to live with present realities.  I am grateful we had some fun together.  My life, too, is challenging every day, and I am sad for us, and glad to still be a part of this marvelous journey we call life, with all its joys, sorrows, and in-between  time

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