Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Wisdom of Solitude

Anything we do introspectively embraces the courage to trust
the importance of alone time
It takes courage to be alone with our thoughts, apart from the many distractions
That inundate our culture, from television to texting to mindless busyness.
Silence is the birthplace of much creativity
For as we dare to love ourselves in all our moods, our ups, our downs

A deep river of self-respect emerges
Reminding us to live more fearlessly
Have confidence in our talents and the dreams that matter to us personally
We learn to trust the paradox of being both human and divine, with our need for connectedness, for contribution, for balance so we do feel grateful for sacred moments throughout the day. 
We listen reflectively to our own needs, and in so doing; we’re more able to be a compassionate listener to others.  We live in such a complex world.  There is much wisdom in pausing and reflecting before we set our intentions each new day!

“Pour out the feelings, in a song, a letter, a poem, a conversation that you’ve buried about a loved one no longer with you.  Trust the healing that comes with feeling deeply.”

Carol Browning

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