Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celebrate being a Grandma!

It's precious, being a Grandma for the first time, then having Taryn's baby sister be born too!
Today Taryn is a bouncing almost four year old, with a lively, happy Eliza Jane enjoying her life too; she will be two later this month, on the 23rd of July.  Today they're here in Ashland, so I'll be going to join  them soon at their sweet place out near Emigrant Lake.  I woke up with a few tears, to realize I don't have the space to have them stay with me in my tiny apartment; then I realized we have only a couple of days to be together, and a few years ago, I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to enjoy being a Grandma.  Who cares where we meet?  It's just a blessing to have this time to be together with my family, and I am grateful we can celebrate by having some fun times.  In spirit, my mom will be with us too, for she dearly loved being a Grandma; it was one of the highlights of her senior years.  I share her love for hanging out with the grandkids and watching my own son and his wife enjoy these vital years, for so quickly they do grow up!  So adieu for now, and may all of you who are grandparents treasure the times you get to be with these spacial, magical children!

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