Sunday, June 15, 2014


                            A PRAYER FOR OUR TIME

Dear Mother/Father God, who art still a great mystery
Please reside in our hearts as well as in the world all around us
Hallowed be thy presence, like a cool stream on a hot summer’s day
May we feel your compassion, your kindness, and your deep abiding love.

When the world we see continues to live with war, violence, grave injustices
That are undermining the well-being of our planet, it is easy to feel discouraged.
We are in a critical time, Oh Creator, and we need some levity-laughter, song, prayers, a growing awareness of how each of us can begin in earnest to work with others
To nurture choices that will allow a rebirth of hope, an end to labors that leave us depleted and exhausted.  We need to be curious and creative, not so fearful and defensive.
We need to open to what can sustain and preserve life, in our personal and communal lives.  We need to live with so many questions yet unanswered.   We need Faith!

Please hear our prayers, our lamentations for the misunderstandings that create conflict.
Help us truly hear and honor one another.  This is Father’s Day.  Please be with all fathers, those who have passed on, those learning new ways to parent and be willing partners, those who are lonely and lacking the family support, the community they need to thrive.  Please help the rest of us find simple ways to honor and support these men who are interwoven in our lives, too.  Thank you for listening.  It feels good to share with you! 
     Shalom.  May we feel your blessings as we go about this new day!    
          From Carol, written June 15, 2014

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