Thursday, April 10, 2014


We came from Arcata (Bobcat), Montague (Devon, first photo; he gave a Lakota prayer-blessing), all over the Rogue Valley to bless, honor, and offer our deep gratitude for this mountain.  She stands firm,as does her sister Mt. Shasta to the south, in the midst of a severe drought that affects all of us for many months to come.  Without the snowpack, our reservoirs, forests, lakes, and streams, the high deserts of Southern Oregon and Northern California won't have the grass growing to feed bison and cattle, to feed our farmlands with the moisture we need to grow healthy crops.  We humans will need to conserve precious water as we've not learned to do in the past.
    It was precious to join with others celebrating and blessing this mountain.  One lady came from India, with flowers, prayers, and yes, even water to share on our central altar.  We circled and sang with Winsong, "Earth my mother, water my blood, air my breath, and fire my spirit."  The ceremony was healing for Mt. Ashland, and for all who came at this difficult time in our common history.  The mountain needs to know we care and love her, and we need her many blessings to all of us.  So as we go our separate ways, may we remember this day, and continue to offer our prayers to the sacred mountains  that protect and encircle us.
   The mountains know the virtues of stillness, of standing firm no matter the weather, of persevering in the drought as well as the times of abundance.  It wasn't a winter for skiers to enjoy the slopes, and have their usual mountain high
to keep their bodies and their spirits up.  We need to trust our blessings will be heard, and surrender to powers greater than we can control.  That's it for now, folks!

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