Thursday, February 20, 2014



This dear man, my first born over forty years ago,
Is recovering with grace and his quiet manner
From surgery for a troubling hernia

I weep, as so many mothers must when their beloved children have to endure pain
The usual pace of life, ground to a halt,
The basic movements of standing, sitting, walking, getting the intestines moving again
Are now a labor he must endure with patience
Hoping each day to be stronger

The discomforts of recovering from surgery I know all too well
Often the pain comes as a shock,
For suddenly bodily functions one takes for granted
No longer can be counted on, and we learn to be tender, to be humble
To know what it means to have no one by your side
When it could sure be helpful.

So while it is tough to see my son in pain he had no way to prepare for
It’s special to be able to give a helping hand
Be with him when he’s feeling vulnerable and unsteady
His balance will return, the injuries this time will heal if he paces himself
The pain will subside.  We all experience labor that hurts.  That seems to be part of life.
We don’t have many folks who make house calls,
Even when we take the time to make friends, few come when we’re in pain.

It does feel good to be able to share my love
As he has done so many times when I’ve been overwhelmed by life, by loss
Friends who care come in all shapes, ages, and sizes
Thank goodness kindness still comforts us, no matter our age
We are meant to give one another a helping hand, for true friendship
Is reciprocal.  We help one another moved by love, not gain.
It’s hard to imagine the courage our vets and their families must muster
When they return severely injured, often in body, mind and soul,
Sadly, we are a culture that prefers to deny their suffering, their sacrifices except on special occasion, then too often, we forget them.

We can choose to be there for one another, to show our caring
In whatever ways suit our own talents and energy.
 For some, a comment of encouragement on Facebook
 May be the best way to show empathy, or an earnest hug for Jeff
When his sore incision area is feeling better.  May he rest in peace this night,
And continue to regain his strength.  May his generous heart be open
To receiving love from family and friends in the weeks to come!

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