Wednesday, May 22, 2013


                                 Peace is Possible:  Imperative We Take Action
 Yes, peace is possible if we speak out for justice
          Stand up for Truth, take initiatives to support the changes we sorely need
           To create fertile grounds for life to be better for the Earth, for the many peoples still endangered by their own governments, for so many species threatened with extinction if we ignore their plights.
            It is imperative we stand up for causes that matter for future generations.
Yes, peace is possible, but not if we accept the status quo that glorifies war and oppression, and seems indifferent if not repressive to changing our priorities to honor one another and protect our planet as best we can.  We need to be part of the solutions now!
            It is true.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, the midwives to giving birth to a more sustainable, kinder world where our kinship with one another matters.  WHAT ACTION MOTIVATES YOU to make a difference today?
Will you weed a garden, plant flowers that attract bees and butterflies?  Take a child under your wing?  Congratulate a senator or a friend who stands up for justice?  Take good care of your own body so you'll feel healthier in the days and years ahead?  Every step matters.  Take some today!

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