Sunday, April 7, 2013


                                    IN MY TWENTIES,  I HAD NO IDEA
    In my twenties, I had no idea a poet lurked within.
Life was too busy being mom and wife,  yoga teacher,  a better cook, a teacher of kids who lived in a different world where they’d had no books at  home….
     It was a time of many changes, of wonder, frustration, disappointment, and the absolute joy of creating new life when Jeff and Neal were born.
     Time to write just didn’t happen, except the “good girl” letters homes, which were mandatory in my psyche then. 
      I awake this new day to news this is National Poetry Month.  Like other poets, I am amused with many art forms: commentaries on Facebook, loving live jazz and many other forms of music, dancing just because it feels good, creating jewelry, rearranging my home space with the ambition of seeing it become simpler, more organized.
      Alas, too often the poet inside doesn’t find her voice, or share it with others, as she would like.  Having just honored my 68th birthday, it is time to give the muse within more space, regardless of the clutter.  For she is curious, adventuresome, playful, and undaunted, a bit like my cat Abbie, who has learned to retreat when I sit at this computer.
Thank God I am no longer in my twenties, and despite many challenges, the writer longs to come out and play.
       Grey skies, falling pink blossoms
        Daffodils strut their beauty, then fade
         Tulips of every shade begin to unfurl
           The drabness of winter without flowers
             Gives way to spring, reminding us to treasure
                This colorful landscape in our gardens, our meadows, our salads
                  Yes, it is the time of Rebirth everywhere!
Good morning to you this new day!  MAY YOU  FIND WAYS TO REJOICE IN SIMPLE PLEASURES1      Carol Browning

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