Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What do we expect from Love?

Love is awakening in the night
Feeling the wonder, the magic and serenity of the silent full moon
Beaming her Light through the window, calming my restless spirit.

Love is music that comforts, uplifts, calms and inspires us
To come home, letting go the worries for these special moments
That bind us to the master artist as she or he weaves this creation.

Love dispels fear, envy, hate, self-doubt
Inviting us to the dance of a new day.

We expect love to take away our pain, make life easier.
Maybe love is our Inner Lover who embraces us, is there for us
Whatever we are feeling, binding our wounds, restoring our faith
Refilling our well when we are thirsty and in need of her life-giving waters.

Carol Browning

Inspirational thought:
“ Courage is contagious, so seek out friends, old and new, who take chances, stay open, and are willing to be different.  Befriend the part of yourself willing to be passionate, take a new direction, surrender to times of not-knowing, too.”

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