Sunday, March 18, 2012

In A Moment

In a moment, we can change our lives
Allowing grace to erase judgment, doubt, fear we aren't up to the task at hand.
Maybe it's a day to be playful, contemplative, quiet
Honoring the rhythms within, trusting each moment is a new opportunity.

So much of our lives are responding to schedules and expectations, our own and others too.  It makes sense to slow down, pay attention to what feels nurturing instead of perpetuating busyness.  In a moment, we can shift gears, say no
To the doing we all get caught up in, and honor what works best for our own aging bodies.  What was easy at ten or twenty or thirty may simply not work for us at our current age.  So when we feel stressed, question the belief that says "I should" or he/she should."  We are all unique, and there are times for solitude we may need to recharge ourselves, doing less, appreciating with kindness and mercy the reality before us.

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