Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Dawning and the Pregnant Moon

    Each morning is the dawning of a new day.  In the night I awoke to the beauty of the Moon, beaming her serenity, her silence, her sacred light into me as she reaches her Fullness in a few more days. 
    We are wired to honor her Wisdom,  respect her rhythms.  Like great music that stirs the soul, She is the quiet lover that comforts, uplifts, calms, and inspires us to come home, letting go the worries and cares, basking in her Light.
    Let her dispel fear, envy, hate and awaken to our own courage as we learn to dance to our own rhythms, our own drummer. 
    We expect love to take away our pain, erase our loneliness.  Maybe Love is our Inner Lover, like the Moon, patient, faithful, reliable, present whatever we are feeling.  Love helps bind our wounds, restores our faith that Goodness has a magic we all need, refilling our dry rivers when we are thirsty and in need of her life-giving waters.  Too often our beliefs are like clouds, casting out the Beauty all around and within us.  May we celebrate the new Dawn and the Moon in all her phases.  Both have much to teach us when we awaken to their Wisdom.

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