Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Even in our dark times when we are sick, afraid, confused, needing rest
We need to trust reaching out as well as inward helps weave the web of Life.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.  We matter when we lift our hearts in prayer,
Our voices in song, our drums in celebration of this new Era.  We march and dance with passion born of injustices that need mending all over this world.

We women are becoming the leaders, no longer silenced and discounted.
We have a resilience, a fortitude, a way of honoring our own wisdom
that needs to be shared and amplified so all living forms feel this River of Love and Peace that shall not be stopped.

The bloodshed, heartache, isolation and astonishing imbalances on this beloved planet, coming from greed, indifference, and polarized politics means we all share
responsibility for honoring the changes needed now.  So don’t give up, sisters, and trust there are kind-hearted men too who share our passion, and are ready now to listen to our voices, welcoming our talents and insights

To turn this world around.

By: Carol Browning

Inspirational thought:  We are all God’s rays of possibility when we illuminate what brings a smile to our faces so we enjoy the Journey, reach out with Love, and gather our Courage to share with one another. 
By: Carol Browning

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