Sunday, October 5, 2014

Out of my Comfort Zone!

   On a personal challenge to step out of my usual Saturday evening at home comfort  zone, I chose to rest and take it easy by day, missing the Salmon Festival on a 90 degree plus afternoon, then going with a neighbor who sees better than I do for night-driving to the Paschal Winery outside of Talent.  Jeff was playing with Salsa Brava, and kindly got us in without the cover charge.
   This dance floor shot was before the place was packed with dancers who sure knew what they were doing, as many practice almost weekly with this band, at different wineries throughout the valley.  At first I felt intimidated and way out of my element.  I am not a sensuous, steamy passionate dancer, and most of these couples sure were.  It's a form of dance requiring great balance, ability to do dips, twirls and lively steps that I might have done decently when thirty, but haven't the stamina, flexibility or balance to do so now.  I can easily imagine Meagan and Jaime loving this artistic, passionate form of dance!  Most of the dancers were under forty, and some of the Hispanic ones were amazing to watch!
   The music was full of passion and great rhythms, so I stopped being an observer,  and danced by myself on the perimeters.  The "morning after" I'm surprised to only be stiff in my pelvis area, which rarely gets such a work-out!  Maybe I'll get back to some folk-dancing, which is more familiar, and some of the dances are gentle, though many can be complicated when one is out of shape!
    Glad I did it.  It is a reminder what a powerful expression dancing to great music can be.  I definitely slept better and raised my heart-aerobic level for an hour before it was smart to head home!

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