Wednesday, November 27, 2013


OH, Divine Light within and surrounding us, help us feel your comfort, your guidance, your protection,  your Love that allows us to be at peace.  Allow our hearts to soften and  trust your devotion, your support no matter what our circumstances.  Please unbind us from unhealthy cords to the worries, fears, concerns, and obligations we may still carry from others, or even from past lives.  Help us let go what is not our own truth, that our hopes and dreams may begin to unfold in earnest, with the support of our joy guides, our angelic friends in unknown realms and even in human form now.   Help us trust all the work we have done to be more open, more in touch with our own true nature is not in vain.  Help us forgive those who have harmed us, intentionally or not, and may we forgive ourselves and others too, for making mistakes is part of our learning to be more discerning.  In this season of Thanksgiving, may we put our attention on the blessings in our lives, and realize we, too, may be a blessing to others with our kind thoughts, healing words and touch, gentle ways of being. 
     The early Pilgrims endured much hardship and loss of friends, health, everything familiar that they left behind when they sailed from England.  Yet they took time to give thanks, to share with one another, and learn from the native folks who helped them survive by planting crops that were unfamiliar to them.  May we continue to learn from one another, giving thanks, trusting more, fearing less so Joy and Wonder fill our days.  Time to put on some warmer clothing, and attend to the needs of my patient body!

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