Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I believe peace is possible.  I believe we need to make peace with our current circumstances, and that can be challenging, but it is part of radical self-acceptance.  We need to have a curious mind that keeps on asking "What can I do to make life within and around me better?"
    We can all smile, slow down, breath deeply, and put our attention on our intention.  We can offer an encouraging word, make healthier choices in our diet and activities, and stop the negative self-talk before it gets out of hand!
   Peace often requires collaboration, deep listening, and a desire to cooperate instead of isolating ourselves by all our judgments and assumptions that may not be true.  It helps to remember our core values may be different from those even of other family members, so a willingness to stay in touch and honor our very real differences is vital to peace as well.  Wonder, beauty, grace, forgiveness, and gratitude are part of this web of life we call living in peace and harmony.  It takes courage to move beyond our own comfort zones, to discern what may be possible, and what might undermine a peaceful process.  It is a challenge to be optimistic and honor our very real limitations, too.  Most folks do want peace on Earth; we can each do our share by cultivating peace in our daily lives, deleting the many negative messages the media feeds us that violence and aggressive behavior is normal.  Peace isn't about ignoring evil and injustice that still cause great suffering.  What we cultivate within our own attitudes and actions has much to do with our own state of peace and equanimity, and it is constantly shifting as we face our fears, our doubts, our own areas of vulnerability.  I choose to align with those who believe we are making progress, and peace is indeed possible.  Our actions make a difference.  May you be at peace with your choices in this new day!

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