Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In These Challenging Times

When real storms in our physical world
Wreck havoc on an unprecedented scale
It is vital to be patient, and take time out to find our own balance.

Within each of us there resides a calm, supportive mother who can nurture
   And abide with us when the silent inner child is frightened by circumstances
    Beyond her control or understanding.
Within, we each have a masculine presence, an inner parent who
   Offers us protection, reassurance, encouragement regarding simple, practical steps
 So our despair and discouragement are rerouted to more positive choices.

When  images on our screens show human suffering and devastation we are not meant to handle in our individual psyches
   It is time to open to beauty and the possibility we are being given messages as a species that do need our attention, so collectively we make wiser choices.  Panic, fear, and denial of changes we  need to make don’t allow creative responses to the storms in our lives.

  Let us stay open to a middle path honoring our human frailties as well as our ideals. Accepting pleasure and pain, engagement and detachment, finding strength in community and strength within, all awaken our resources to live in challenging times.
   Carol Browning, written in response to watching scenes of Hurricane Sandy's impact on Haiti, Cuba, and the U.S. East coast.

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