Saturday, October 8, 2011


In the face of death
We need to pause, be gentle
Befriend the full range of  our feelings
Knowing, trusting they will keep changing.

We need to be patient and tender with ourselves
Feelings allowed to flow are welcome,
Even when  unsettling and uncomfortable.
When suppressed they go dormant,
Freezing us, and likely to come alive when facing another loss.

When a caring person we love dies,
It is natural to grieve, feeling the loss of their physical presence in our lives. 
Letting go rarely happens overnight, and it is healthy
To welcome support from friends & family
When we are feeling vulnerable.

We need to honor the sacred space,
Time for solitude, community, whatever feels nurturing
When a dear friend crosses over to a dimension
That for us remains a mystery.

Carol Browning 10/8/11

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